Hello World

Welcome to the blog of my personal portfolio website, michael.jeszenka.com. Yes, that’s me and I’m happy to have you join me and share my adventures in IT throughout the workplace and academia. Along with helping out with the business administration side of things I work as a software developer for our family’s modest start-up web host, Hostica.com, which is, of course, the best web host ever ;). Apart from work I am currently attending Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program and working my way towards my master’s of science in computer science. I have the most gracious, supporting, and loving woman in the world as my wife and together we have the two most beautiful children in the world!

Please stay tuned for future posts! I hope the content of my blog will prove to be informative, useful, and entertaining at the same time. Feel free to drop me a line any time or connect on LinkedIn. I wish all readers much success in their careers and happiness in their lives. God bless!

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